Why you should study medicine in a Caribbean medical school


You might probably be thinking that you have a better chance of winning a lottery or a free giveaway in comparison to an admission into an American medical school. You feel like that because the admission process of most American medical schools is stringent.

The fees are also expensive too, and a lot of brilliant students either become physicians a bit late, or have to give up due to financial constraint. You do not have to worry about that now, because you can study medicine in a top-notch medical school in the Caribbean.

The programs of Caribbean medical schools are a bit affordable (recently their fees have risen) but are accredited and competitive.

Here is why you should study medicine in a Caribbean medical school

Here’s why you should study medicine at a Caribbean medical school:

1. They have a holistic evaluation methodology

Most Caribbean medical schools do not require Medical College Admission Tests (MCAT) scores for application in admission. They also understand that grade point averages (GA) are not a fully accurate way to examine student intellect. Candidates are given chances to prove their determination, passion & potential through appropriate testing, interview and examinations. Even upon graduation, prospective physicians are examined in an intellectual way.

2. High acceptance rates

Caribbean medical schools have higher acceptance rates due to fewer applicants applying. Dedicated students rejected from American medical schools can take Caribbean medical schools into consideration because Caribbean medical schools look beyond high school GPA and test scores in their admission process.

3. Caribbean medical schools have rolling admissions

The American admission cycle has intakes in August. Rejected candidates must wait one full year for such. Whereas, the Caribbean medical school admission system has rolling admission systems i.e. have 2-3 intakes a year. Applications are accepted in both February and August start intakes.

In fact, admissions have been accepted just weeks before the semester began.

4. Accelerated study programs

Medical schools in the Caribbean offer accelerated programs through articulation agreements with post-secondary institutions. Qualified students who complete the program are guaranteed admission to medical schools. Such seamless programs save two years in transition to medicine programs

5. They offer clinical rotations stateside

Top notch medical schools in the Caribbean have an extensive network of clinical affiliates stateside and have slots reserved specifically for their students. That is indeed true and is especially helpful for American students who will still get actual practical medicine experience stateside while studying in Caribbean medical schools.

6. Caribbean medical schools have successful graduates

Caribbean medical schools may have least competitive admission process but, they produce well-qualified, able and professional physicians. The education these medical schools provide is exceptional, help prepare students & graduates to score above average on test scores and earn prestigious options in residency positions.

7. The Caribbean island nations are a tropical paradise

The Caribbean island nations are not only one of the most beautiful in the world but are tropical heavens. English is predominantly spoken there, the U.S Dollar is easily accepted, flights to mainland United States are affordable and close proximity to the United States means not just less time in flight with no jet lag, but also American culture is followed widely in the Caribbean.

People of Caribbean islands are joyful, friendly and welcoming. The weather is overall pleasant, sunshine is ever present throughout the day, the beaches are pristine, and the water is clear. Not to mention the nightlife in the Caribbean island nations these days is making vast improvements as well.

The Ending Point

There is more than a dozen accredited and well recognized medical schools in the Caribbean, and their programs are competitive and strong. Your dream of becoming a physician does not end with a rejection from medical schools stateside. You can focus on the top-notch medical schools in the Caribbean.

Caribbean medical schools offer clinical rotations on the mainland United States and offer clinical rotations in the Caribbean too. Caribbean islands are also not only full of sunshine but will also help you get a good dose of vitamin D. If you are considering studying medicine at the best caribbean medical school then you can surely take admission at Windsor University school of medicine.

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