Why delivery boy tracking feature is important to ecommerce apps?


Ecommerce Apps are the most accessed mobile apps in the entire range of mobile applications exists. Its usage can be found clear in real-time delivery tracking purposes especially for the ecommerce markets. The success rate and acceptance of ecommerce apps can be well observed from the virtual numbers of people doing their online shopping from their palmtop itself. Incredibly it is the Real-time delivery boy tracking feature that act as a resultant to the success of ecommerce apps. Following below are some of the advantages of an ecommerce app delivery services:

Route Optimization and Tracking

GPS Tracking built in an ecommerce app enables route optimization and tracking of deliveries at any given time. Ecommerce business finds real difficulty when required to monitor delivery boys on the go. This results to missing of delivery, delay or falsity in delivery happening too often. It also leads to the overall decrease in the no of successful deliveries transited. Presence of GPS Tracking allows ecommerce apps to cover up a maximum part of the delivery area. The real-time tracking record handled by admin for every delivery boys can now be extended to their functions region wise and then sync boys to an effective schedule.

Consumption of Fuel

Now a days fuel expenses are so high that ecommerce businesses needs to cut down on the fuel cost. In most circumstances if there is any inadvertency in planning and scheduling of deliveries that originates, then it would not certainly result in route optimisation. This also leads to cost ineffectiveness. GPS Tracking and Monitoring should correct this problems and then discover the optimised pathway for expedient deliveries at the limited expenses.

Effective utilization of time

Ecommerce businesses practice rigorous methods in utilizing time effectively without being leisurely spent. Using the ecommerce apps built with GPS tracking now the delivery boys can avoid late delivery or missing a delivery. This tracking facility will neglect unwanted route optimisation and halts that is experienced by the delivery boys and then empower them to do their work easily.

Value-added solution and fleet management

Fleet Management can also be performed though an effective tracking system that is already in use for delivery boys. There are a lot of field force tracking systems readily available for to be managed in ecommerce industry and thus adding to its value-added solution. This enhances the customer service that usually comes with real-time tracking of deliveries.

Avoid damaged goods delivery

The general tracking of delivery agents would also naturally prevents you from receiving any goods damaged. Not only that, it also aids in compensating the damaged goods for a newer product speedily. Thus ecommerce apps enables in providing good clarity in the operation management and so succeeds in making more no of deliveries process able. Even if customer be present at a remotest location, nevertheless the delivery boys tracking feature in ecommerce app would promise to complete the delivery in real-time basis.

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