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As e-commerce continues to grow unabatedly, you feel the need to jump onto the bandwagon. Given the scope for digital marketing at your disposal, you will soon be dealing with a high volume of visitors, customer data and conversions, customer help requests along with many orders that you need to fulfill. All of these require a robust e-commerce platform. Magento has been created specifically for this purpose. It is also easy to use and work with and amongst the most popular e-commerce platforms used globally.

Magento is the 2nd most popular e-commerce platform globally.

More than 250,000 merchants worldwide use Magento as their e-commerce platform.

company or hire Magento developers from more than 200,000 developers worldwide.
What makes Magento Popular?

Tailor-made for e-commerce platforms

Magento supports important features like dashboards, extensive product catalogues, management of inventory and the logistics workflow, managing suppliers, etc. It also allows creating customized product bundles along with cross-selling and up selling capabilities. Magento has its scalable analytics tool.
Seamless integration capabilities

Magento supports seamless integration with existing third-party plug-ins and apps. Its APIs are used to interface with payment gateways, shipping and analytics modules.
Ensuring a positive mobile experience

With global m-commerce expected to reach $ 2.3 trillion in 2019 and mobile accounting for 40% of all e-commerce transactions (Source: https://www.emarketer.com/Report/Worldwide-Retail-Ecommerce-Sales-eMarketers-Updated-Forecast-New-Mcommerce-Estimates-20162021/2002182), it has become necessary to ensure your mobile visitors have an excellent experience with your website. Magento has lived up with the expectations through its mobile website design standards. It is compatible with all screen sizes.

Advanced SEO capabilities

On the SEO front, Magento scores high as well. The platform has been built to ensure optimization of the web pages. It helps to generate SEO-friendly URLs and allows you to configure the Meta descriptions to aid in searches for your website.

How to choose your Magento developer

Now you understand that Magento is one of the essential tools used to create an e-commerce website. A challenging activity awaits you now. How do you choose your Magento development company? Help is close by. You can visit the Magento website (https://magento.com/partners) and search for Technology Partners or Solution Partners that are segregated based on the geography. There are different partnership levels that these organizations have with Magento, and they have also separated basis their core competencies. However, you still need to decide on a few basic parameters, as mentioned below.

Number of years in operation
• Client list
• Testimonials
• Understanding of SEO
• Websites created
• The selection process for website themes
• Percentage of themes customized
• Pricing models
• Annual maintenance charges
• Payment terms
• Deployment models – Onsite or Offsite
• Backup and restoration processes

Along with these, you need to ensure that your vendor provides an excellent blend of quality and cost and adhere to your stringent timelines.

Best Magento service providers in the UK

Here are some of the best Magento service providers in the UK.

VAIMO — Magento Global Elite Partner

One of only five Magento Global Elite Partners, Vaimo has a team of more than 400 specialists in offices across 15 countries. They have undertaken over 400 commerce solutions globally for both B2B and B2C clients. With all required Magento tools they are able to deliver superlative digital experience on different platforms like Magento Commerce Cloud, Magento Commerce, Open Source Commerce Cloud and management.

REDBOX DIGITAL – Magento Global Elite Partner

Redbox is one of the prestigious Magento Global Elite Partner for Europe and the Middle East. It is also the only accredited OMS partner globally. Over the years, Redbox has allowed top brands to launch complex e-commerce projects in both B2B and B2C models. Redbox was awarded “Best Commerce Launch 2017” by Magento. With joining Redbox Digital, you will have seamless order management, better store fulfillment in Magento ecommerce development.

CORRA — Magento Global Elite Partner

Corra offers customer-centric ecommerce solutions to the beauty, lifestyle, and fashion industries. The client list of Corra is littered with various renowned brands. Corra was honored as the winner of the Magento Regional Commercial Partner of the Year – North America and the Great Explorer Award for International Expansion, Alcatel in 2017.

RANOSYS TECHNOLOGIES – Magento Professional Solution Partner

Ranosys is a leading Magento development company with development centers in the UK (London), India and customer delivery centers in Singapore and San Francisco, USA. Leveraging the low-cost advantage, Ranosys provides customized and cost-effective IT services. With the help of highly skilled and experienced developers, the company is able to create a responsive and mobile compatible online store.


As you intend to have a foothold in e-commerce, Magento automatically becomes your platform of choice. Magento also has a friendly community of ecommerce developers, contributors, and innovators to engage in forum discussions. This blog addresses your significant concerns about why to choose Magento, its benefits and helps identify some of the leading Magento development companies. You can also go ahead and hire Magento developers amongst the numerous freelancers.

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