Top 6 Steps to Rank Mobile Apps in the Google Play store?

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Peoples completely moved from a place where keypad mobile to smartphones with completely digitalized that area continues to grow, especially for business reasons. We have moved fully into the age of smartphones. One area that is continuing to grow, especially for business purposes, is apps. Want more proof of that concept?

The recent survey reports from big giant websites such as statica displayed and found a shocking data that 90% of peoples are using a smartphone with a high internet connection and spending more time 3 hours per day. In that, 73% of users are buying products and services through mobile apps.

Finally, smartphone technology influenced mobile app development companies to build mobile apps for business that made companies easy to reach a wide range of audience globally.

The marketing strategies in the mobile app development business have become one of the significant steps that can take in advance marketing strategies. Even though we are all aware of digital marketing, it is continuously growing with advance technological effects, mobile app marketing become a game changer for the entire scenario.

Thousands of peoples including business are spending more time with mobile apps for entertainment, purchasing products, and customer connections, emails, and booking cab, etc.

Similarly, online e-commerce websites business like Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart has transformed their website to mobile apps platform. There is a reason that 85% of online users are utilizing mobile apps instead of websites. Many online companies realized the fact and moved their business to mobile apps. Performing App store optimization is important for mobile apps to rank in the search engines and app store that makes difference to drive more traffic to our business from mobile apps. Here is points shared and get to know how SEO helps mobile apps to rank in search engines.

What is ASO ( Apps Search Optimization)?

ASO is a process of optimization of a mobile app to improve ranking in the search engines that include technical optimization, keyword placing, technical development, content, meta and, etc. This process is important for business apps to boost visibility and reach more customers that increase sales and profits for companies.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • The app development helps companies to boost brands and get many users to install your business app. The mobile search has recently a huge set of signs for mobile app marketers and developers. Mobile app development companies pay attention to make appear on SERP ( Search Engine Results Page)
  • Search engines like Google are updating their algorithms to change search patterns and help users to get the relevant information searching exactly. Some of the basic steps we have listed some important steps you need to know mobile app SEO that helps mobile apps to rank in the search results. Digital marketing strategies applying
  1. Develop a mobile app for mobile users
  • The business app should keep features user-friendly that keeps and helps more customers continuously.
  • Make sure to create a favicon that gives identification for your brand and easy impression for customers.
  • The mobile app created should give valve to customer life and should produce better than mobile websites.
  • Develop an SEO plan and support that makes your mobile app to reach many users across your target location.
  1. Choose Name for Your App
  • Choose the name of the mobile app to similar to the services or product you are providing, as it helps to found in SERP easily and same as in the app store also.
  • The brand name should be the keyword that what users are searching that helps to appear in the SERP and app store.
  • Pick two added keywords that define your app and try to combine them succeeding to the name. It will be similar to continue keywords in the heading of an object or a page. Make positive the keywords are related and diverse.
  1. Keyword Research
  • Perform keyword research and analysis that describes the exact match of users needs. Make better analysis with keyword planner and optimize those keywords in concern steps to get rank and to reach more audience.
  • Use wisely by considering mobile search volume and data keywords on what users are looking for.
  1. Boost visibility with SEO
  • Optimize your app technically to load fast, get more reviews, and use easy navigation, user-friendly content, text fragment explaining about services, products. Perform competitor analysis to make some changes those effects on ranking and visibility.
  • Mobile app development companies like DxMinds use rich snippets that used to get notified by search engine easily. Use SEO tools to make a better understanding of mobile app improvements.
  1. Build Quality Backlinks
  • Developing backlinks to mobile apps is very important SEO strategy that improves ranking in search engines and keeps your tough competitor for other apps.
  • We can investigate the strategy of our competitor in which they focused on to build more backlinks faster that makes them stand in the crowd.
  • The first task is to obtain your competitors, holding an important quantity of traction and is popular in-app store plans.
  1. Reduce Bounce Rate
  • The main objective of the mobile app is to get more audience to our business and spend more time within the mobile apps. The higher the time spend there are high possibilities to rank in search engines.
  • Rather of addressing the mobile app’s features, you can discuss the problem of more on bounce rate, as it is very important for mobile app business to make the user stay on the mobile app on more time.


Promoting a mobile app through SEO helps to grow number users installation and sales, and it is important for business peoples adopted mobile apps to do search engine optimization.SEO is also a long-term method of constant development, optimization, and tracking.

Do not overlook changing your keywords and attempt for excellent reports and ratings. Try to obtain more high-quality backlinks to get more installation. With all these exercises, your app will be able to notice located in every feasible method.

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