Things you should consider when hiring a web design company


Hiring a web design company is not an easy process, and it is a must if you need to find one for your website. Your business is up and running and you need a reputed web design company for your fast running New York business.

The word ‘New Yorker’ isn’t as generic as it seems because authentic New Yorkers are fast, street smart, know when to be easy and know what they want. Business cards and brochures of your business are ready, and you need your website to be on air as soon as possible.

Your website will be your digital store front and virtual brand. It shows how you present yourself to the digital world and the whole world will see your website.

These are the points you must consider when hiring a web design business.

Ask around for a good design business

You should use your professional network to find a decent web design business apart from the web. Ideally, you will go with the recommendation you’ve been personally recommended.

You may also consider searching the online web design company diary or pool to find the business that suits your business’s needs. There is a dearth of web designers all over the city, state and country as well as abroad, but finding a reliable one can get tricky.

Hence, you should not hesitate asking your industry contacts about it.

Remember your website goals & priorities

Before hiring a design business, determine what will your site sell or will it exist to provide just information? Search for websites you like and search for those that resemble your brand. This will give you material and inspiration to draft an outline that represents your brand from an image perspective.

Do not forget to create a vision board; it helps everyone, including new business owners, to decide what to create that will look best for their business. This could be a virtual board, a board in your office, your home or a pinterest feed.

Do remember to make a wish list for your website. Tell the web design business whether you need a website from scratch, or already have an existing website. Both have different executions and require different expertise.

If you want one from scratch; make a list based on your research and vision board (include the number of pages, headers, menus, sub-menus, buttons and other visual elements needed). Don’t forget to add any CTAs and social media share buttons.

Try to give each page a purpose. How many pages do you want on your website, what is the goal of each page, what do you anticipate on each page? Do mention that in the brief.

The answers to these questions might change by the time you reach the web design business’ office.

Create a creative process before the meeting

There are chances that you are creating and managing your marketing process through Google Docs or Dropbox, or both. Easy online collaboration is key when working with a web designer and for such purpose, create an online folder where the needed information can be gathered and stored.

These are the items that you should store in the online Dropbox or Google docs folder:

  • Your Copy.
  • Needed Graphics, Images & Pictures.
  • Website sitemap outline and draft.
  • Web design agreement & contract.
  • Gathering images

Establish a launch plan

Have you established a plan for your website? If not, then you should!

Before you even start getting your website designed, take into consideration how you will use your website to your advantage upon its completion. Some owners make an event of the launch to create buzz about their business. Others will line up with their best customers to give their testimonials on their new website. These customers then share it on social media.

Remove grammatical errors

Keep checking it for any grammatical errors else it gives a bad first impression. A typo error can be really hurtful at first.

Keep testing your links

Keep testing your website by asking your social connections to send you emails through the site. Also have it tested for business functions and for multiple formats as well.

A web design business can help you answer such questions and are also more likely to charge you for meeting. For your website needs, you can surely consider Branex, the best New York web design company you have at your disposal.

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