Microsoft Surface Go Earns Strong Marks

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Early reviews of the Microsoft Surface Go two-in-one, which hit shelves on Thursday, mainly have been positive.

“It’s a tiny wonder of a computer — with a few flaws — that can do more than I would have given it credit for before I tried it,” wrote Dieter Bohn for The Verge.

The Surface Go “is simply a very small Surface, with everything that entails,” he said. “It’s a little less powerful and probably not the right thing to be your only computer, but as a secondary machine for Windows users, it could have a real place.”

The Surface Go is a 2-in-1 laptop that’s “a very, very good one that jumps up to being exceptional when you consider its price versus other devices of the same ilk,” wrote Alex Cranz for Gizmodo.

The Surface Go is the device consumers who “want a solid Windows machine that’s primarily for browsing, emailing and word processing need to buy,” she noted.

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