Is iPhone 7 still worth the investment?


Apple launches its models almost every year. Still, many people are not able to buy an Apple iPhone because of the higher price tag associated with iPhones. If you are the one who can’t afford the latest model of the iPhone then buying iPhone 7 is a great idea. The models of iPhone 7 and newer version iPhone 7 plus have been launched in 2016. No newer version of iPhone 7 is going to release further.

The new iPhones have come up with a four-figure price tag of $1,000 to $1,100 which makes it out of reach for many people. If you can’t afford such price tag then choosing iPhone 7 is an ideal option for you. However, the price is really very low still you don’t have to sacrifice that much.

It is cheaper when compared to the new iPhone

You can buy the iPhone 7 within your budget. If you want to save more then you can buy refurbished iPhone 7 plus online. However, refurbished does not sound so good but you can get one year of warranty with your refurbished iPhone. You can save hundreds of your dollars while buying a refurbished iPhone 7 or 7 plus.

It is thinner as well as lighter as compared to the newer iPhone versions

The iPhone 7 and 7plus are lighter as compared to the newer iPhone versions but it is heavier than that of the XS iPhone version. If you are in love with thinner iPhone then buying iPhone 7 plus is a great option.

  • Get great IOS experience

However, you don’t need to pay higher to buy a refurbished iPhone 7. Still, you can have a great operating system experience. It offers greater performance. It is easier to use while offering great performance.

The resolution display of the iPhone 7 is better than that of newer iPhone version

The iPhone XR offers 828pixels of screen resolution with a display of 6.1 inch that is almost similar to the 750 pixels of screen resolution with a display of 4.7 inches of iPhone 7. Thus it offers a sharper display as compare to the newer versions of the iPhone. Technically, iPhone 7 offers a sharper display as compare to the new iPhone version. However, the viewing experience of the latest version can be better.

  • It is equipped with a 3D touch

The latest model of the iPhone does not come with the 3D touch feature. However, many people do not use this feature still, spending lesser money and getting great technology is always a better option.

The performance of iPhone 7 is great

iPhone 7 is equipped with A10 chip offering great performance. When it comes to the performance, iPhone 7 is a strict performer that matches that strict standard of the performance.

It is equipped with a great camera

If you love photography then iPhone 7 and 7 plus are great options. Features like smart HDR and dual lens camera system in iPhone 7 and 7 plus respectively offers a great photo experience.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Yes, it is worth buying Apple iPhone 7 whether lots of newer models and versions of Apple iPhone has come in the market. It is because of the lower price of the model without sacrificing much when it comes to the technology of the newer model. If you are lower in budget then buy refurbished iPhone 7 online and get a great discount on the product. Buying an iPhone 7 is worth its cost even when the newer versions of the Apple iPhone have been launched.

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