In Technology We Trust… But Should We?


Since the industrial revolution, technology has changed society continually. Largely due to innovations in semiconductor electronics, software and computer technology, the pace of technological development has continued to accelerate over the past 50 years.

Personal computers now fit into your pocket. You have access to people and information all over the world through the Internet. Anything up to the size of a small building can be printed. Just about everything — from your house to your car — is becoming intelligent.

Yet every leap forward in technology is accompanied by concerns over its potential use or misuse. Most recently, concerns have ranged from the use of artificial intelligence to create smart weapons and unstoppable hacking bots, to 3D printed guns that are undetectable by traditional security scanners.

Unfortunately, much like the news itself, by the time people grow concerned about the possible negative applications or misuse of the technology, that misuse already is possible.

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