How to hire a mobile app developer?

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Mobile apps have emerged as a powerful tool to boost up businesses. The corporates, startups and everyone who wishes to make his/her business popular and take the business to the next level needs a suitable and relevant app. For a mobile app development company, it is very important to hire skilled developers so that the required app gets timely developed and delivered to the client as per the required specifications.  For a startup, having sufficient budget in hand is a big aspect and working on a limited budget makes the process for hiring an experienced app developer even tougher.

Mentioned below are some of the essential guidelines that should be followed while hiring a mobile app developer

  1. Confirmation of the developer’s portfolio

The foremost step is to check for Google reviews since the experienced mobile app developers are always ready to show the app portfolio and web reviews. You must ask the app developer how he/she created those apps so that you get convinced of the portfolio. If you are looking for an iOS app developer, then check for their knowledge in Objective -C or Swift during the interview. Similarly make sure the Android app programmers have a good knowledge of Java, Android Studio, and Eclipse.  After knowing the worth of the developer, your company needs to have sufficient capital in hand in order to timely provide salary and meet the other expenses.

  1. Checking the Client Testimonials

Find out how much work an app developer has done in the past and also about the comments of the client. Visit the Client Testimonials page and see the reviews posted by the client. Also, see the same on B2B review sites.  If an app developer has good experience in building apps, then he will readily share the list of clients for whom he had worked. Since we want to hire the best developer for the new task, we should make sure of the quality of the work already done by the app developer.

  1. Selection of a reliable app developer

An entrepreneur exactly knows what features he wants in the app. There are a lot of app developers across the globe and choosing the most appropriate one is a task that should be accomplished with precision. So a reliable person is needed who can understand the client requirements, budget and time schedule of the app, and develop the required app accordingly. He should have good communication skills to handle the client and also be comfortable in making a hybrid app. So all you need is to look for a reliable app programmer who meets your criteria.

  1. Take care of payment structure and related costs

At this stage, when you decide to handover the app building task to a company,  have a note of their payment terms. If you are starting a new business, then you just can’t take the risk to go ahead with a company that asks to give one-time entire app cost payment in advance. You also need enough capital to run your business. So it is better that you hire an app developer or an app development company agreeing for payment in installments.

  1. Ensure that the company has an appropriate team size

Developing a mobile app also includes creating a functional design and taking care of the user experience besides coding. You must not choose an individual developer unless you see there is sufficient team available to perform the functions such as app design, security, testing, etc. In fact, take mobile app design to be a top priority as it matters a lot on how an app looks and its interface.  An easy user interface of your mobile app will make it more popular soon.


Hiring the best mobile app developer for your app is the foremost task that you perform. Big companies normally have a team of around 50 to 200 people. However, small companies who have an app development team of about 20 to 30 can also provide high-quality mobile apps at quite affordable rates. So, it is not just about the team size that matters. Many US companies outsource their work to Indian companies to get the work done at cheaper rates and also have their offices in other countries. So it is the quality and reliability of the mobile app development company that matters. 

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