How much does it cost to develop an educational apps with common features?

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Learning through online is now becomes easy. Everyone can get the required information from the internet. People are searching through the web for getting the needed information and to learn new topics.  They will get plenty of resources from the internet. Teachers and Parents are trying to educate children in a smart way that is teaching them using digital technologies. Mobile apps are added assets to learn new things in a simple manner. It has a lot of opportunities and ways to teach children. Many educational apps are introducing into the market every time.  Apps like Brainscape, bjyus & etc are successful in the market

let us discuss and know about the features, advantages and Cost to develop educational applications.

Features that are included in Educational Applications

 1. Login/Signup.

Login and Signup are the most important feature of education app. User can get the benefits of the educational app through the login/signup. You can sign up using email id, name & personal details etc. Some users are feeling that the signup process is difficult and takes a lot of time. Alternatively, the user can easily login with email or by using social media login creditionals. Famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn creditionals are using to signup/login into the application

2. User profile.

In the user profile, you will see the entire information, progress and easily navigate to different segments and info about the schedules. In the same way, it enables teachers to upload required materials and can understand the required thing for students.

3. Search functionality.

Student can easily find the need information through the search option and directly goes to that particular section within less time. For teachers also it is a nice opportunity to check the information about what they have to teach to students

 4. Push Notifications.

Most of the students are trying to avoid studying and their work tasks. Push notifications always tell about the tasks they have to do. Not only students, but it is essential for teachers also. Because sometimes teachers forgot to teach some topics and it will the reason for the bad name of that particular instructor. It helps the instructor to aware about the topics they have to teach

5. Statistics and analytics.

Both students and teachers are getting benefits of this statics feature. Instructors can easily understand in which areas they have to adjust and improve for explaining concepts in a better way to students

Factors that determine the development cost of Educational Applications

1. Platform

The platform which will use for development also one of the factors that reveal about the development cost of educational app. Different platforms like Android, IOS & Windows (single platforms) or cross-platform development. Based on the selected platform cost will differ. Normally app development in ios is expensive when compared to android, windows & etc.

2. App Development Company

The company which you choose for app development also reveal the cost to develop an educational app. So choose the company wisely for app development. Freelancers say that they have experience in developing apps, but it wrong. The cost will vary from one company to another company. Some are charging high cost or vice-versa. Check the portfolio, experience & etc while choosing the app development company

3. Location

Location of the app developer is the main and important factor that tells about the cost of an educational app. App Development companies in India, Pakistan & etc charges less cost for development but in developed countries like the USA, UK & UAE charges a very high cost for app development

4. Content

Content is the core part of e-learning app software. Once the developer finished the development of the app. App owner tries to upload the entire information which they want to provide into the database and later they will frequently add new information into the app. so the app should be able to handle the entire information

Content is in different forms. It may be Text, images, video & audio or even a combination of all. Consequently, content represents not only the appearance and feel of the software but also its cost

Advantages of Educational Apps

1. 24*7 Availability

In schools, children have a chance to learn at a particular time only. But coming to the e-learning apps there is no time table. So they can easily access mobile apps to learn new things. Most of the educational apps are kid-friendly, it is easy to operate by children without any assistance from others. They simply get the required information after log-in into the app

 2. Improves classroom performance

E-learning apps enable children to achieve excellent grades in their class. It plays a significant role in children’s life and enhances their skills, knowledge and assistance for doing assignments with accuracy given in the school. Suppose he/she not able to understand the concept explained by the teachers, then they can easily find the same information from the app and can learn the topics in advance. It will enhance their confidence level

3. Knowledge Sharing

One of the main advantages of using these apps for kids is knowledge sharing. Almost all e-learning apps are attached to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Etc. It enables them to create a group which is used for sharing their knowledge with others in the form of text, videos & etc. Helps to make new friends and knowledge sharing in two-way

 4. Stay connected with your teachers

Mostly educations apps cannot be viewed as alternate for classroom teaching and seeing it as additional support to traditional teaching techniques. Students simply contact their teachers and instructors through messages and emails. Whatever the doubt got by the student can easily be solved by the teacher

 5. Enjoyable and informal

Children don’t show interest to do the daily homework. Because the same pattern used by the instructors for teaching and students feel bored with the teaching. Mobile apps assist kids to gain knowledge in different ways. Graphics and different illustrations attract children to studies and easily gain knowledge


Education is the most essential thing in everyone life. Education only takes us into higher levels. In future learning through mobile apps become popular and almost replace the routine classroom teaching & etc.

If you have an idea to develop an educational app, but having a lot of doubts regarding app development stops you to serve society with your knowledge. It is difficult for you to develop an educational app with basic knowledge. Hire the experienced and dedicated mobile app development company for developing app they will help you to reveal the app development cost and deliver the high-quality app with required features

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