Earrings With Earphones and a Smartphone Bonanza

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Welcome, friends, neighbors and distant strangers to the latest edition of Gadget Dreams and Nightmares, in which your trusty columnist highly recommends a trip to your regional wine producers when not perusing the latest gadget announcements.

In our tasting flight this time around are a pair of earphones that double as earrings (or is that the other way around?); a US$1,000 blockchain-focused, dual-screen phone; a smartphone with nine (yes, nine) cameras; and an airbag for your handset.

As ever, these are not reviews. Nor can you expect to derive any true meaning from the ratings — they exist solely to indicate how much I am interested in trying each item.

Stylish Sound

Let me make this perfectly clear right off the bat: I am compelled to give this item a rating of zero, solely on the basis that my body is not adequately prepared to use this item as intended. That’s because my ears are piercing-free. Otherwise, I’d be mighty tempted to try out the Swings Bluetooth Earrings with built-in earphones. It’s a practical, clever idea that many who have pierced ears might just take advantage of.

Swings certainly could fix the problem of losing Apple’s expensive AirPods to the ether or having to root around in one’s pockets or purse to find one’s tangled-up headset. The earphones are in the lower part of what look like beaded earrings, and the motion accelerators determine when you have swiveled them to nestle inside your auricle.

You can expect five hours of listening time out of the Swings on a single charge, and you can add up to three hours of listening time with a 15-minute charge from the case. Each earphone has a microphone as well, so you can handle calls and use your favored voice assistant.

Unfortunately, the Swings are not waterproof, so they might not hold up too well if it’s raining or if you engage in particularly intense gym workouts.

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