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2020 is the year of the digital transformation of technology trends. Thanks to the continuous advancements that are taking place in the present. The business outcomes are redefining the tedious pattern of the business model. Digital transformation has a great influence on organizations across industries. 2020 is predicted to be a transforming time for leaders, planning to implement advanced technology that is in trend.

The digital shift and the widespread of the digital transformation are helping to introduce innovation and disruption to the businesses. Thus, Businesses and enterprises are ripening the benefits of digital transformation. Moreover, the role of technologies is increasing after analyzing the outcomes of digital transformation. The trend is helping to avoid risk and to sustain in the industry among competitors and disruptors. 

The expenditure on technology is on the rise exceeding $3 trillion globally, whereas $1.5 trillion in the US. Emerging technologies are creating their own space in the major industry. This is adding valuable elements to the business model of the organizations.

AR and VR

Augmented Reality (AR) is considered as one of the most flourishing trends in a digital transformation. AR has the best benefit of implementing most of the solutions in smartphones. The market of AR apps is rising day by day as the businesses are coming up with new ideas. Meanwhile, Virtual Reality (VR) is gradually making its own space other fields apart from the game industry. 

VR is mainly used for training purposes. The market of Virtual Reality is no more restricted to one or two domains. The immersive nature of VR is allowing is letting the Tech giants to implement them across the industries.  

AI and ML – Smarter Business Systems with AI

The amount of data is growing with time and analyzing complex data is not an easy task. AI and ML together are helping to understand and learn complex data sets. The trend of AI and ML has become faster for better data analytics. As a result, the investment in AI and ML is gaining more interest in the various channels.  AI and machine learning algorithms have gotten expert at data analysis and taking a better decision. The accuracy in the data understanding is improved compared in 2019.  

Moreover, concern tools and methods are more reliable and intuitive. AI is helpful to scale the business prospect, whereas ML is used to segregate the data within a fraction of time.  

Natural language (NLP) 

Currently, about more than 50% of all businesses are using Natural Language Processing (NLP) or voice recognition. Natural language processing is a fast-growing tech Trend in 2020 with major features of the most popular data analytics and business intelligence tools. This is the reason for deploying Business Intelligence tools in the current market is the smart choice. 

Businesses opting NLP are helping to connect the desired user’s type on the basis of the data-specific question. Thus, using natural language processing (NLP) can generate fast and useful data in a short time.


Blockchain allows companies to deal with untrusted parties without the need for a centralized party. Blockchain reduces transaction settlement times and improves cash flow without any hurdle. The technology has also given solutions that utilize the benefits and parts of the blockchain. The trend of blockchain is increased that will create $3.1T in business value by 2030. 

The technology promises highly distributed, decentralized agreement models to the businesses in various verticals. The technology is used to evaluate the outcomes and protect the unsafe usage of vital information while tracing the transaction.

Voice assistants 

Voice assistance has proved to be a boon when it comes to human interaction with technology. This technology got into a trend after the integration with the mobile app. The businesses incorporating this technology got instant outcomes after the uplifting of the user experience. According to the report the growth in the business world is expected to increase by 843 million by 2021. The users are adopting Voice assistance effectively as it is helping to make their lives easy and hassle-free. 

Final thought 

Technology is helping to create potentially disruptive trends currently. Digital transformation has always impacted the business world to create buzzwords in different channels. The impact of the digital transformation trends 2020 is projecting many unbelievable outcomes. The mobile app development is taking the dramatic twist and turn with the enhancement of the technologies. Businesses are emerging with effective strategies to produce potential applications.

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