3 Most Outstanding Animation Apps to adapt in a Classroom or at Home

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The animation used for children is one of the most exhilarating advances for them that has taken up in education technology. It has been an amazing way for students to avail the opening to take on their creativity to endless heights. Through these apps, they are able to be much more imaginative and are able to produce their personalized movies, comic strips and even much more.

May it be to create stop-motion animation to present astonishing stories in the most eccentric manner to energize the environment of the study room. With the adaption of animation, it is certain to be extremely popular amongst both young and elder children. Previously to adopt such innovation in the classroom it would require to hire mobile app developers to make such possible but currently, animation apps are easily available to anyone with a smartphone.

With a huge variety of remarkable animation apps already present in the market all you need to do is download and install it on your iPhone, iPad or Android. By the use of these apps, it would help sharpen the imagination of the kids as it adds up to create impeccable animation always. For a person who is wanting to learn how to animate or be an animator, these apps would be an added benefit to have on their devices.

It is not mandatory for the person who engages with these animation apps to be an experienced professional since even a non-animator as in a beginner would find these apps to be astounding to gaze over. If you are someone who is in search of an animation app this list presented below should be of uttermost assistance to you as the best animation apps for both Android and iOS are ranked accordingly:

1)      Tellagami  

Tellagami is one of the leading animation apps that is supported to iPad users and it is available for them for free. Which has proven to be of great assistance for the student to be creative as it allows them to solve Math’s equations, recite lessons and also to create book reviews & reports. The use of this app has absolutely infinite possibilities. Tellagami is an amazing app that grants the kids the opportunity to make their own animation character and that could speak recorded and typed audio.

The children are given the chance to choose the character’s mood, skin color, physics and lots of other options to customize the character is provided to them. Students have the capability to be creative and innovative to further even use their characters in a presentation or to deliver any sort of important message by making it more engaging for the audience. The most use of the character is made by placing in the background and utilize the imagined area for a class presentation, as a spoken message up to the length of 30seconds or even as a digital postcard.

2)      Toontastic

Toontastic is an amazing animation app that is used in numerous academic institutions around the globe enabling the students to animate, draw, and create while also sharing their own custom made cartoons. Toontastic is a 3D animation video making app which is user-friendly on every Android and iOS device whereas the even more fascinating feature of it is that it is available for free for both the users. It is very fascinating to use as a tool for storytelling that empowers the kids to establish thoughts, to further transform them into enjoyable animated cartoons.

Tootastic is very visually appealing due to its marvelous in-built app features. It also heavily relies on self-created animation which is achieved from the absolute start till the narration of the stories. It also provides an utter stunningly manner that presents such a complex process that is animation to be accomplished in such a relatively easy manner which is truly remarkable.

3)      Animoto Video Maker

Animoto is one of the most simple slideshow makers that is available currently for both Android and Apple users. It creates stunning videos that set to music and audio within minutes. The best use made of this animation app is that it assists to make some of the best video sharing experience that is top featured to create educational, inspiring, entreating contents to engage with your audience.

Animoto video maker app very easily and quickly lets you collaborate image, text and even videos into wonderful videos.  Students are able to learn how to make video slideshows by organizing multimedia into creative digital storytelling.

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